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Sawyer, Michigan

Sawyer was once extensively swamp and timber. The timber has been cut and the swamp drained. Now, the community exists primarily as a summer resort.

The Michigan Dunes and surrounding terrain comprise a fragile eco-system. Using inspired design and incorporating the best of this area's native plants, The Country Gardener will achieve a beautiful low -maintenance garden for you.

Wildlife is abundant here. From deer to raccoons, birds to butterflies, all are interesting and entertaining to see and all will flock to your garden for one reason or another. Professional designers and Master Gardeners can keep wildlife a joy to behold instead of a nuisance by incorporating non-edible plantings and deterring fertilizers to prevent nibbling, or delectable berries and enticing blooms to encourage winged friends for watching.

Wind and erosion are two major factors that must be considered when planting in this lake front community. The lake effects, such as heavy winds and rain, continuously shift and alter the sandy soil. Professional landscaping techniques such as terracing should be implemented to combat erosion, effectively keeping your gardens in place. Our craftsmen specialize in natural stone retaining walls.

Master Gardeners work with our designers to plan and supervise the building of hardscapes, as well as the installation of perennial plants, shrubs and trees. Additionally, we offer garden maintenance programs for our clients.