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Harbert, Michigan

Harbert is an old summer colony founded by residents of Swedish descent - most famous among them was poet Carl Sandburg. Sandburg and his wife raised award-winning goats on their farm in Harbert grazing the goats on the prairie grasses.

Much of Harbor Country is prairies or grasslands. These grasslands develop on flat land where there is little rainfall for prolonged periods. Cultivated ornamental grasses with their variety of shapes and colors are very popular in landscape design and look well in many gardens there. They provide a modern look to the traditional, and have made themselves "at home" in Harbor Country.

If you like the look of a lawn but not the maintenance involved, we often suggest turf of fescue grasses. These "no-mow" lawns offer a fine alternative to the chemically dependent golf course greens. Fescue grasses form a soft carpet of 6 inch grass. The seed has been hybridized from native prairie grasses. We have included a link to Prairie Nursery on our "links" page, click there to learn more.

The Michigan Dunes and surrounding terrain comprise a fragile eco-system. We create landscapes based on your specific site and individual preferences. Our craftsmen specialize in natural stone pathways, walls, and patios. Master Gardeners supervise the building of hardscapes, as well as the installation of perennial plants, shrubs and trees. Using inspired design incorporating the best of this area's native plants, The Country Gardener will achieve a beautiful low-maintenance garden for you.