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Grand Beach , Michigan

Grand Beach was developed in the 1920's as a resort community with a cluster of Sears and Roebuck "kit" cottages. Today, stately white gates open into the community and onto the golf course.

The look of the Grand Beach landscape is diverse. Residents have mostly succeeded in preserving green space in spite of the rapid development which is a threat to that here as elsewhere in Harbor Country. Wildlife is abundant here.

Wind and erosion are two major factors that must be considered when planting in this lake front community. Strong winds off the lake and heavy winter weather continuously shift and alter the sandy soil. Our professional landscape designers have much to add to your home in Grand Beach.

Landscape designs can be phased in as the budget allows. It is better to have a long term plan and work at it slowly than to fill your garden with a quick, cheap fix for immediate gratification. Our designers create landscapes based on your specific site and individual preferences. Our craftsmen specialize in natural stone pathways, walls, and patios. Master Gardeners plan and supervise the building of hardscapes, as well as the installation of carefully chosen perennial plants, shrubs and trees.